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July 25th, 2013

At 8AM in the morning, a girl was struck by a light rail subway in downtown Houston. She was dragged underneath it and pushed up against the platform 15 feet away, and pronounced dead.

She was a 20 year old student at Rice University, on her way to her architecture internship. I…

Going through the Eid tag is making me very happy.
Eid Mubarak to all and may God keep you radiant and beautiful and bless with you everything that is good in this life and the next.

This picture is roaming around Iraqi Facebook pages & profiles. It says ‘Without you [Assyrians] we celebrate no Eid’ (A Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan)


May Allah protect you, love you, guide you and preserve you, whoever you are, you and those you love. Eid Mubarak.

Tariq Ramadan
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"I try not to cry in front of the children, but when they’re gone - I go to the rooftop terrace and I weep. What else can I do? I feel so alone.

It takes time to build a life, but it takes moments to destroy it. I wish my pain on no one. The pain in my heart is unbearable.
- An Afghan Widow.

The moon has been sighted here in Toronto, and so tomorrow will be the beautiful and joyous day of Eid. But before God blesses us with the peace and happiness of tomorrow, I want to take time and reflect on the words of this widow, who represents the thousands of men, women and children who are caught in war zones and conflicts around the world.

The past few months have seen a gross amount of injustice. Sacrilegious activity has become common place. The sanctity of humanity has been utterly tarnished and in some places, very ancient cultures and traditions have been uprooted and destroyed.

I never want to look into the eyes of any of these men, women or children - I wouldn’t know what to say or how to counsel them. No one deserves their homes destroyed, their livelihood devastated, and their loved ones killed. It is a gross violation. A crime of immeasurable repercussions. I will say for the millionth time, and will continue to say so till God takes my breath away - all life is sacred and holy. It must be protected. It must be respected. Women and Children and Men of all ages, ethnicity, religions, cultures, languages and whatever else you can come up with deserve and are entitled to peace.

I am afraid and quite frankly ashamed. I do not know how I will face my Lord on the last day. We are responsible for the well-being of each other. We are responsible for taking care of this beautiful Earth and living in equity with all her children. And it’s sad that the bounty of this planet and the sanctity of her people have been desecrated.

When we live our daily lives, we must remember. Remember the widows, the orphans and the freedom fighters. Tyrants are few, oppressors even are very little in number - it is the silence of the masses that forms the knife that kills.

When we celebrate Eid tomorrow, do so with great joy. Meet your families, your friends, your loved ones. But give thanks that you do so in peace. There are many out there who are suffering and who’s hearts are bleeding. Think of them. Pray for them. Act for them.

God forgive us all.

The Holy Sanctuary.

Cultures are never merely intellectual constructs. They take form through the collective intelligence and memory, through a commonly held psychology and emotions, through spiritual and artistic communion.

Tariq Ramadan

The Nazi plan didn’t work against the Jews.
The Zionist plan is not going go work against the Palestinians.
The ISIS plan will not work against the Mosul Christians.

You cannot, and will not, eliminate a whole people, culture, religion or identity. God stands with the oppressed, widowed and orphaned irregardless of faith, gender, ethnicity, language and what have you.

Your war is with God and God alone. He is their protector and you are the aggressor, the oppressor, and the most vile. Justice and truth will reign supreme, if not today, then on the day when all will become known - when the divine light will shine and all darkness will be cast out - you will be the loser.


I’m not going to apologize for the atrocities ISIS is committing. I’m not going to go out of my way to say “THIS IS NOT ISLAM WE’RE NOT ALL BAD GUYS.”

The world knows that already. I’m not apologizing for something I never did. I’m not going to start defending. I never did anything wrong. 

I’m so tired of these apologetic undertones that sweep our community, I’m so tired that we feel this immediate need to clean ourselves of this implied guilt that quite often we only place on ourselves. 

I’m done with it. I’ll condemn because they are an absolutely ludicrous group, not because I’m afraid people will misconstrue them for the Muslim community. 

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