It’s times like these I have a really, really low tolerance for any selective activism. Seriously, don’t think that just because a group is being oppressed, it suddenly can’t afford choice. Your solidarity, if not wholehearted, consistent and principled, is not welcome. Don’t underestimate the cause to be so desperate.

And I would like to remind people that posting about your commitment to obliterating anti-blackness while claiming “you’d never marry a black person, because it’s just a preference” or writing about how Shiaa Muslim are Muslims too while refusing to associate or pray next to a Shiaa Muslim or writing about the necessity of feminism in Islam while telling a girl you won’t marry her because she won’t wear hijab are two sides of the same messed up coin. Your hypocrisy bleeds. 

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  1. Reminiscing about past memories with friends over bubble tea and Chinese baked goodies.
  2. Listening to my mom tell the same stories over and over about her time living at her Dad’s house before and after marriage, and that nostalgia that overcomes her.
  3. Listening to music from way back when, that transports you to a different time, a different place, a different you.
  4. Laying in my bed on top my blankets, only in my boxers, basking in the sun and on the phone with my childhood friend - talking about everything and anything.
  5. The way a baby rests his/her head on your shoulder when you have them in your arms and they’re tired.
  6. Walking down a hill on a windy summer night, the warm gale brushing your hair and caressing your skin.
  7. Wondering where life will take you next.


One of the things I want to do when I’m in Jannah is be the Avatar, pretty much. 


I don’t like the idea of homogeneity in anything.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, Super Famicom.

I always played as Jupiter or Mars. I ain’t even gonna lie loved this game. :3

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Marriage isn’t something I’m supposed plan, while my academics/financial life/religious improvement are.

Please differentiate what can pop up in your life and what you need to work your ass off for.

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Young The Giant - Cough Syrup [unplugged]


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Fuck what they say; be proud of your skin and your knotted hair.