Aloha Ke Akua

Aug 31

“True liberation is self-purification.” — Hamza Yusuf (via sange-saboor)

(via lespritmodestee)


What’s happening in Pakistan is really giving me so much anxiety and worry.

I have a lot of family in Karachi, and with recent reports of unrest spreading south from Islamabad; I’m beginning to get very antsy. There is a lot wrong with Pakistan to say the least, but I hope you can understand why I’m not going to throw my full support behind PTI and PAT. Starting unrest in a time where we have all seen what unrest can do, even if justified (see Syria) - makes me uneasy. That being said, the treatment of the protestors and reactions to their peaceful assembly (if they were truly peaceful) by the authority is unjust, immoral, and a violation of human rights.

I’m not a scholar in South Asian history nor politics, but what I am sure of is this: there are very corrupt factions on both sides of this dilemma who can and may turn this struggle for democracy into a bloody ordeal (some may argue that this has occurred and is still occurring).

I pray both sides commit to restraint and pursue non-violent means towards a solution. Nations are built by incorporating the ideals held by two or more factions, compromising some ideals and building onto others, in a way to create a just and moral society where all have rights, liberties and freedoms.

May God protect the weak, the oppressed, and those who fight for justice and virtue.

Aug 29

I’m really not ready for school to start.

Although technically my first day of classes is September 8th - I’ll be busy from now till then with countless meetings and pharmacy frosh. Although I’m looking forward to it, I’m going to reminisce about this past summer so much. A more perfect summer I could never have imagined, alhumdulilah.

Life is transient. People come and people go. Everything is temporary - every happiness and every sadness. Let the truth of that wash over you and fill your entirety. There is no sadness that can consume you forever, and no happiness that can last forever.

Aug 28



I’m in a very bittersweet mood.

Today was a day of good tidings and bad. But I guess life is about living with both, hand in hand - alhumdulilah.

Aug 27

My best friend of 10 years has finally moved back into the city, alhumdulilah.

I had a smile plastered to my face ALL day. The moment he landed he called me. He drove straight from the airport to my house. For the first time in six years we sat down and had food together.

We became friends when we were 10. He moved when we were 14. We talked using every medium while we were apart. Now we’re both turning 21, and he’s finally back.

There are some friends who, despite not sharing any blood, are your family. He has been a brother to me, the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and I’m SO excited for what life has in store for us insh’allah. There are so many things to catch up on, so many things to do and see.

Aug 26