Aloha Ke Akua

Sep 27

No one fell asleep in this fiqh class


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Sep 26


You know, it’s poetically overrated but it’s real. The concept that someone comes along and changes you, makes you do things you swore you wouldn’t ever do, makes you unearth a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed. It actually happens. Whether it be positive or negative or a bit of both, take it with you as a step closer to understanding yourself. 

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Sep 24


My aunt complained about how she had bought all the gifts for everyone already, and how the menus were already decided for the Eid feast - with over a dozen of my cousins and aunts cooking the meal.

I could hear the tears and disappointment in her voice; I could see it in my own mother’s. Ya Rabbb.

I was suppose to go to Indiana, down south across the border, to my second home where my eldest Aunt resides for Eid.

Things didn’t work out though and I’m really sad because of it. My uncles were going to drive up from Chicago and Houston respectively and it was going to be an awesome weekend. I miss my family down south. Normally I visit at least twice a year.. but the past year school had gotten me so tied down I didn’t get the chance. And now, just like my heart pains for my family in Pakistan, my heart pains for Indiana.

Weird, how love works.
I just want to hold my nephews and nieces in my arms again…


Sep 23

I’ve recently been exposed to Azerbaijani, Armenian and Turkish - and I must say; these languages are stunning. So unique from most languages I’m used to. They’re soft, like Farsi; but still carry an almost slavic sound to them.

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