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Al-Hambra, the Jewel of Andalusia
This for me, was the main attraction for the whole trip - the thing I was most looking forward to see. And it’s splendor was more than breath-taking; it was absolutely spectacular. The most beautiful building in all of Spain, and possibly the most serene and ornate piece of architecture to grace this planet.

When I first joined Tumblr back in January of 2011, the first thing I posted was a quote from the motto of the ruling dynasty that constructed this palace-fortress; “Wa-lá gáliba illa’Alláh” or in English, “Only God is Victorious”. Repeated 9000 times, this phrase permeates through your entire being as you walk though this gigantic complex.

It was a truly humbling experience, and something I will remember for the rest of my life. Alhumdulilah.

Italy was wonderful. As a history-enthusiast, I loved visiting all the places I had read about since a child, and I equally enjoyed walking through the many churches and eventually the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica itself.

My travels through this beautiful country will always be something I will reflect on and smile. The heat was intense, but the mosques were gorgeous, the music serene and the cuisine divine.

Sunset in Paris ~

Sorry for the lack of posts/replies. Been on vacation in Europe and will be for 2 more weeks :)

Colour Me Rad 5k Marathon:

We made the spontaneous decision to go, and what a wonderful day it was. We had breakfast at Cora’s, where I ate these DELICIOUS chocolate dipped, cinnamon coated french toast. From there we went to a friend’s house to change, get tatt’ed, and make our way to Downsview Park where the event was being held.

The run itself was a BLAST. There is a big colour fight before the race and then you go on the run. After every kilometer there is a colour fight that is dominated by one color, first was pink, then blue, then green, then purple and lastly orange. After you cross the finish line, there’s another big colour fight and then there was a stage with dancing and more colour being thrown into the masses. We all stuck together, ran together, and rested together. And of course we fought the colour fight viciously. I got home and I had color all the way into my boxers haha.

After the race, we sat around for a bit soaking up the sun. Then we made lame attempts to clean ourselves by the cars before we drove to McDonald’s and had McFlurries/Milkshakes. Then, we headed to this wonderful Korean street food restaurant called Home of Hot-Taste (it was as good as it sounds fobby).

All in all - the day was more amazing then words could describe. I hadn’t seen most of these kids since school ended (aka exactly a month ago) but this day made up for all of that.

Days 10-20 @ the Pharmacy

The last ten days at the pharmacy completed my 160 mandatory hours I had to work in order to fully complete my first year in Pharmacy school.

I am so thankful for having worked at the pharmacy that I worked at. It has been an amazing experience, and not only that - but it has reaffirmed my desire to be a part of this field. There is still A LOT I have to do. A lot of confidence and education I need to attain, but insh’allah, I’ll keep walking down this path and find my way.

My preceptor was absolutely amazing and she is such an inspiration to me. All my co-workers; the other pharmacists, the pharmacy techs and the other volunteer students (a highschool co-op and an undergrad) were all wonderful. I’ve added many of them on facebook and I know we’ll keep in touch.

I learned so much and I grew so much. Although still not a pro - I’m getting there alhumdulilah. And all I can say is that that pharmacy, the one I worked at, It really is apart of me now. And I am very sad that my placement is over. Many of my co-workers during my last week asked me if I would be willing to stay longer, to which I replied I would love to so long as my preceptor was okay with it. And on my last day I mentioned this to her, (my preceptor/pharmacy associate) and she was more than happy to have me around.

However, I’m gonna take a break for a bit. But I’ll be back to work in July insha’allah.

Days 6-10 @ the Pharmacy

I’m nearly reaching my mid-point in the internship, which is roughly 80 hours of work in the pharmacy.

I can say that, alhumdulilah, I have learned an amazing amount in just 10 short days. I am so, so, so thankful for having the opportunity that I do have, to be working with the people I do work with, and just, everything really. Everything has been absolutely perfect (okay not perfect - but perfect enough that there is nothing I can complain about alhumdulilah).

The head pharmacist is a wonderful woman, and she treats me like her child. My other co-workers are just as gentle and kind. They all have taught me so much and in such a gentle manner. They are all amazing and remarkable women.

I am able to preform all the basic and many complex functions of a pharmacist, and am more than satisfied with my progress so far throughout this internship. I still have ten more days left, or 80 hours - and in those I’d like to further my skills in patient interaction and pharmaceutical services. But other than that - I feel like all the other expertise withnin the pharmacy will come with experience and time, Insha’allah.

I never imagined I would love working so much. Personally, I think that it’s both the environment that I work in and the people I work with, as well as my love for the field and the profession that have really, kind of, reinforced my desire to be apart of this professional career. These two factors have really complimented each other very nicely and I am much more enthusiastic knowing that what I am studying so hard to become - is really something that would make me happy, alhumdulilah.

I just pray the rest is just as beautiful and opportune as it has already been, insha’allah.

Beautiful day out with my cousins.

It was a long weekend here in Canada…Unfortunately, I still had to work. Took a 9-hour shift at the pharmacy from 8-5 to help out since things have been a little strained. One of the permanent pharmacists resigned (due to unforeseeable reasons) and so the head pharmacist has been short on staff. She’s an absolutely wonderful lady so I jumped at the opportunity to help her out in anyway.

Regardless, after my shift I got home - and not 15 mins later did my cousin come over. And spontaneously so, we decided to go on an “adventure” which eventually led us to a local conservation area where we did a bunch of silly things. We ended the day with a bunch of junk food (McFlurries, Sundaes and cookies) at McDonald’s.

Another day well spent I’d say, alhumdulilah.

Omg it smells like 12 different kinds of amazing outside. Holy shit.
Why is it not possible to contain smells and then smell them wherever you want. This - this needs to be made into a cologne.

The absolutely perfect combination of burnt out fireworks, spring, and after-the-rain. Subhan’allah.

Went on a picnic to Center Island. Beautiful day with beautiful friends. Also got the chance to ride these severely outdated amusement rides, which I haven’t ridden since I was 7 or 8 years old.

P.S. That’s my first ever duck face, with a swan :3