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I witnessed the sun rise this morning over Lake Ontario. And although I didn’t have the greatest day today (kinda failed my lab); remembering that moment made my day.

The sun was just starting to peek over the clouds that covered the horizon, and as my train sped across the lakeshore - the sun gradually made it’s way up. It was so beautiful. At first the glow was faint, but in less than a few seconds it had grown to such a bright intensity it was no longer possible to look directly into the sun.

Simple, every day things can take your breath away too - if you stop to admire them a bit.

I was suppose to go to Indiana, down south across the border, to my second home where my eldest Aunt resides for Eid.

Things didn’t work out though and I’m really sad because of it. My uncles were going to drive up from Chicago and Houston respectively and it was going to be an awesome weekend. I miss my family down south. Normally I visit at least twice a year.. but the past year school had gotten me so tied down I didn’t get the chance. And now, just like my heart pains for my family in Pakistan, my heart pains for Indiana.

Weird, how love works.
I just want to hold my nephews and nieces in my arms again…

New Beginnings

And so begins a new academic year; my 2nd year in Pharmacy school and my 4th year at a post-secondary institution alhumdulilah.

I’ve come a long that’s for sure, by the mercy of God. I was such a loser coming out of high school - there’s no doubt the past three years of my life have been the most life-changing. There were many struggles, many uphill battles, many mistakes and many, many wrong turns. But, to be entirely honest - I have no regrets. Everything in my past made me who I am today.

So without any hesitation or fear, I am ready to face the new year knowing full well it will bring new challenges, new experiences, and new people into my life.

Farewell summer 2014, you will be missed.

I’m really not ready for school to start.

Although technically my first day of classes is September 8th - I’ll be busy from now till then with countless meetings and pharmacy frosh. Although I’m looking forward to it, I’m going to reminisce about this past summer so much. A more perfect summer I could never have imagined, alhumdulilah.

Today, a man came in with a prescription addressed to Leslie.
As I do with every patient, I greeted him, asked how his day was going and asked how I could help him.

Him: I’m here to drop off a prescription

Me: *taking the prescription and reading the name* Is this for your wife sir?

Him: *a little surprised* No…

Me: Ahh sorry, is this for your daughter?

Him: *annoyed now* No! It’s for me…. My name is Leslie.

Me: *trying to cover my ass* What a lovely name sir. I’ll have this processed and packaged for you right away. *walks away in total embarrassment*

Not my finest moments in the dispensary….


  1. Reminiscing about past memories with friends over bubble tea and Chinese baked goodies.
  2. Listening to my mom tell the same stories over and over about her time living at her Dad’s house before and after marriage, and that nostalgia that overcomes her.
  3. Listening to music from way back when, that transports you to a different time, a different place, a different you.
  4. Laying in my bed on top my blankets, only in my boxers, basking in the sun and on the phone with my childhood friend - talking about everything and anything.
  5. The way a baby rests his/her head on your shoulder when you have them in your arms and they’re tired.
  6. Walking down a hill on a windy summer night, the warm gale brushing your hair and caressing your skin.
  7. Wondering where life will take you next.

It’s time my room got a makeover. I initially wanted to create my new space wherever I was going to move to. But now that moving out is not something I’m actively pursuing: I’ve decided now’s a time as good as any!

This room is really something special to me. It’s been built up for 12 years, this year being the 13th alhumdulilah. I’ve had this room since I was 9 years old. It’s evolved quite a bit - and although it did and in many was still does reflect my personality; I think it’s time I make a change.

I want to go with a darker colour scheme and more simplicity in style and decoration. I want to change my furniture and the way the furniture is arranged, and most importantly I want to create a new study space by the window. I’m pretty excited but it’s gonna be really slow work. I’m still figuring out how exactly I want it to look like in the end. The first bit of work though is the hardest: going through my things and sorting out what I want to keep, store or throw out.

Insha’allah, really hoping everything comes together nicely.

In the chaos of today’s world, it makes me so happy that I had the great blessing of attending this gorgeous lady’s wedding; My best friend, my sister from another mister, and the most radiant girl you’ll ever know.

Throughout the ceremony she kept looking to me for encouragement, since well - I was right up in the front to take pictures. And I just kept trying to reassure her with my smile.

Seriously though, in everything that is going wrong with the world we forget that there still are these beautiful moments of love and peace. At the end of the day, these are the moments that we need to fight for. These are the moments that matter most and define us. All over the world, these moments are the zenith of the human condition: to love and to live.

I hope tomorrow’s world, the one where my best friend’s children will grow up in (and someday mine insha’allah) will be better than the yesterdays that we have seen. And for my part - I will do my best to protect and nourish our children, her’s or mine, so that they become wonderful human beings.

God bless her and her husband, and may God shower his everlasting mercy and love upon these two beautiful people.

I’ve decided to stay away from the news in all it’s glorious forms for the next few days. It’s all really dampening my mood. I guess what I really need to do is work on not letting it affect me so personally - but until then… evasion.

Everything is making me sad or angry. And my best friend is getting married Saturday. So I don’t want to be sad and angry.