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"If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going"

I keep reminding myself that there are people out there, who are making their dreams come true. They are striving, they are struggling, they are fighting for their lives - and they are making their dreams a reality.

Insha’allah. I want to be like them too.

Oh dear God. I’m such a loser.
I’m like a 16 year old girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend (but this is worse, I got dumped by my final... how does that even happen?!?)

Literally, I’ve been sitting her watching streamed television for 5 hours with my jumbo pack of skittles. They’re starting to cut my mouth but I keep eating them….

I’m having a really bad day. Alhumdulilah I really shouldn’t be complaining, but urghhhhh.

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I’m currently fluctuating between:

  1. Omg these exams will be the death of me. What is fun? I know only studying and pain and misery. All this effort is for naught - I am going to fail. No way can I pass all this.
  2. YES. I SEE THE LIGHT. PRAISE BE TO GOD. Almost done first year, Dear God so closeeeeeee. Climbing the last steps, almost there now - to the summittt. A fewwww more steeps. KEeePP GoingGggG. Keeep. Going. [P. Sherman. 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia]

The next 20 days….
Ya Rabb, please help me. xD

All the random names are names of my professors. I find it easier to study by dividing the material by professor whenever I can (I usually have at least 2-3 profs per class). That way, I know what to expect it terms of lecture style.

My exam period (aka a taste of hell) extends from April 14th to the 30th, and comprises of 6 final exams.

I’ve had a few days off to prepare… and I used them to somewhat study but mostly to watch Koreandramas/movies/catchupwithfriendsorfamily…

Because of said inappropriate usage of time I felt guilty today, so I tried to make up for it by sitting down and making a “study schedule”. I printed a calender for April and inked in all my exams dates.. and omg. That’s when I realized how screwed I was. xD I should’ve visualized these dates sooner….

SO, in lieu of the recent spike in stress - I wish all the students out there success in these miserable times and I’m praying for everyone to find happiness and opportunity.

In return, please pray for me too / send positive vibes. I’d greatly appreciated it. :)

Officially Purchased On: April 2nd 2014
Just bought this a few days ago after some persuasion from some friends.

Its called “Wreck This Journal” and each page is filled with something destructive you have to do with the book. It could be as weird as cutting through the spine and putting it back together somehow OR something as silly as licking the page after eating a colorful candy which dyes your tongue.

The group of us are using these books as a creative release. It should be fun! Excited to work my way through it!

I’ll share my progress from time to time, and feature some of my friends work as well! :D

My friends and I were speculating earlier today, about whether or not we would be friends in highschool if we knew each other then - given that in this hypothetical situation, we all went to the same highschool (ignoring age gaps and assuming we were all born in the same year).

I wasn’t afraid to say no. Because I strongly believe we wouldn’t have been. What people know me as now, was not the me 3 years ago. The me who I went to highshcool and the first bit of uni being was not the me who I am now. I was shy, I was not out-going at all, I hated attention, and I hated myself.

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Today I am a weird kinda sad.

I’m so happy that alhumdulilah, today was my last class of my first year of pharmacy school. But I’m so sad that, for four months, I won’t be seeing my friends every single day for seven hours. As much as I complained sometimes about the long hours of class - I’m going to miss it so much. It’s become such a large part of my life.

We went to bubble tea and sat around talking about the year. How much time we’ve spent together, how much more time we have in the coming years (insha’allah), how much we know about each other and how much we’ve gotten used to each other’s presence. Everyone was a little down about the prospect, but also excited about the summer and the things we have planned. It was such a clash of emotions. And on top of that, It was raining all day which didn’t help the mood much. Beautiful though, but melancholic.

And now, on a Friday night, I’ve come home early for the first time in a long time. A thick fog just fell over the area and I’m just gonna let myself lay around with my 3DS and some nostalgic music playing.

It’s one of those nights.

I went out to dinner with a couple of friends today, I’m not sure how the conversation got to this point - but it included my friend, pointing at me with a steak-cutting knife yelling: “GIRLS DON’T POOP OKAY - IT’S A MYTH, like unicorns.”