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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, Super Famicom.

I always played as Jupiter or Mars. I ain’t even gonna lie loved this game. :3

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YES. Exactly 15 years after the first. Difimon Adventure finally announced a proper sequel. God, the 7 year-old in me is overjoyed!

My friends and I have gotten re-obsessed with Pokemon lately, and I ended up (mid-midterm season) playing Pokemon [worst decision of my life].

This is the dream team I came up and currently play with - it’s a compromise between my favorite and the practical. Also, as weird as I am, the team also has a certain symmetry in terms of body form (I’m such a loser).

Fragments of Memories

This is something I wrote nearly 2 years ago. I’m repost-ing it because the feels are still real.

Airships, Monsters, Magic, Heroes and Villains

I’ve realized something very important about reality these past few weeks.

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