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Purani Jeans - Ali Haider

A song about college in Pakistan during the 1990’s that somehow manages to describes my daily college life.


LAHORE, PAKISTAN. 1981. Tahira Sayed playing the sitar in the Shalimar Gardens.

Photograph by Roland and Sabrina Michaud. 

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  • Every Pakistani after Pak wins the match: Pakistan Zindabad!
  • Every Pakistani after Pak loses a match: Begeraton ne phir se paise khaye hongey!



Happy Independence Day Pakistan!

I can’t even express in words how much I miss you. God knows when I’ll get the chance to step foot on the soil that nurtured and raised me. Regardless, my sincerest and most ardent prayers go to you. May your flag raise once again with honour, without the stains of terror, agony and pain. Only Allah, lord of the worlds, can bestow peace to a people.

pāk sarzamīn kā niẓām
quwwat-ē ukuwwat-ē ʿawām
The order of this sacred land
Is the might of the brotherhood of the people

T-minus 45 mins till Salat-ul-Eid/Eid Prayers.

Me struggling to get into my clothes.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Qawalli’s on full blast.

And so Eid begins haha.

Burka Avenger

I could not be more proud of my country than today. Finally, signs of real change.

”..the first animated series to be produced in Pakistan. The cartoon was created by local pop star Haroon and stars a burka-clad female superhero who takes on her enemies using a martial art called Takht Kabaddi, which uses books and pens as weapons. The series is intended to provide a positive role model for girls in the face of the Taliban’s opposition to female education”

Burka Avenger is possibly the greatest thing Pakistan could ever produce at a time like this. There is so much awesome in this. She is an amazing role model for not just Pakistani girls, but Muslim girls and indeed girls the world over. She strives to protect female education and her Burka is, rather than a symbol of oppression, a symbol of her liberation.

May god bless this, and Insha’allah, may this spawn many more projects like this.

Trailer for TV Show